Florida Department of Health Board of Respiratory Care Requirements

CE: 24 hours of continuing education are due May 31st of each odd year.

Content specific requirements: 

  • Two (2) credit hours on Florida laws and rules
  • Two (2)-hour board-approved course relating to prevention of medical errors
  • Three (3) hours of HIV/AIDS for initial renewal; optional for subsquent renewals. No more than five (5) hours.
First Biennium Renewal: Respiratory Therapists renewing the current license for the first time and were issued the license in the second half of the biennium (on or after 06/01/2016) are exempt from general continuing education. You are only required to complete 2 hours on prevention of medical errors, 2 hours on laws and rules, and 3 hours on HIV/AIDS, the first time renewing. (The 3 hour HIV/AIDS is a one-time renewal requirement). All continuing education requirements must be met for each biennium thereafter.
As of August 3, 2016, home study/online courses are no longer limited to 12 hours for renewal. This means that Florida respiratory care practitioners can now complete all of their CE via self-study methods.
Emergency Preparedness is no longer a requirement for license renewal, effective August 6th, 2014. If licensees have already completed Emergency Preparedness, it will remain on their records and it will just fall under the General subject area. 


For more information visit The Florida Board of Respiratory Care