Massachusetts Radiation Control Program

CE Requirements:

Radiography- 24 hours
Nuclear Medicine- 20 hours
Radiation Therapy- 20 hours

CE Requirements:

• 10 CEUs must be in each category in which the individual is licensed;
• 2 CEUs must be in radiation safety;
• For individuals licensed in one or two categories, the numeric difference between the number of CEUs earned in their specialty(s) and 20 CEUs must be earned in topics directly related to health care practice, or their specialty;
• For individuals licensed in all three categories of Radiography/ Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation therapy only the eight CEUs per category requirement (12 for Mammography) and the two CEU requirement in radiation safety shall apply.

Renewal happens every two years with the expiration date occurring on the last day of the applicant's birth month.

For more information visit the Massachusetts Radiation Control Program