Iowa Bureau of Radiological Health

CE Requirements:
CE must be obtained within the biennium indicated on the individual’s permit. All CE programs must be approved by an approval body accepted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) such as the ASRT or NMTCB. All completion certificates must have the approval body’s name and approval number in order to be accepted. Continuing education activities that are lecture presentations may not be repeated for credit in the same biennium. All continuing education activities that are not lecture presentations may not be repeated for credit in the same or any subsequent biennium.
General Radiologic Technologist: 24.0 hours
General Nuclear Medicine Technologist: 24.0 hours
Radiation Therapist: 24.0 hours
Limited Radiologic Technologist with Categories of Chest, Spine, Extremities, Shoulder, Pediatric: 12.0 hours
Radiologist Assistant: 50.0 hours
  • Radiologist assistant permit holders must obtain at least one-half of the required continuing education in subject areas specific to radiography. The remainder may be earned as physician credit hours.
X-ray Equipment Operator in Either Podiatric Radiography or Bone Densitometry: 4.0 hours
  • After January 1, 2015, all individuals performing only bone densitometry must hold a bone densitometry permit.
  • Podiatric X-ray equipment operator permit holders may submit activities recognized by ARRT or NMTCB or may submit activities sponsored by the American Podiatric Medical Association or the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society.
Closed Classification or Category Permits. The following classifications or categories are closed to new applicants. Permits in the following classifications or categories that are expired for more than six months are not eligible to be reinstated, and individuals shall maintain current permits as outlined below:
  • Limited in-hospital radiologic technologist: 24.0 hours
  • Limited nuclear medicine technologist shall: 12.0 hours
  • Limited radiologic technologist paranasal sinus: 6.0 hours
For more information visit the Iowa Bureau of Radiological Health.
Radiologic Technologists Performing Mammography: 15 hours in mammography CE every 36 months and 200 mammogram exams every 24 months