Florida Board of Pharmacy Requirements

30 hours of approved CE within the 24-month period prior to the expiration date of the license. 64B16-26.103, F.A.C. Licenses expire September 30 every two years. Current expiration is September 30, 2017 with a temporary extension to 10/30/2017.

  • 1-hour board-approved course on HIV/AIDS (first renewal ONLY). Sections 381.004 and 384.25, F.S.
  • 2-hour board-approved course that relates to prevention of medication errors, including a study of root-cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety. 64B16-26.103 (1) (c), F.A.C.
  • 2-hour board-approved course on the validation of presciptions for controlled substances. 64B16-27.831, F.A.C.
  • 10 live hours required. 64B16-26.103 (1) (m), F.A.C.

New Requirement: All licensed pharmacists shall complete a Board-approved 2-hour continuing education course on the Validation of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances during the biennium ending on September 30, 2017. A 2-hour course shall be taken every biennium thereafter. The course shall count towards the mandatory 30 hours of CE required for licensure renewal. All newly licensed pharmacists must complete the required course before the end of the first biennial renewal period. 64B16-27.831, F.A.C.

For pharmacists who are certified to immunize, a 3-hour course offered by a statewide association of physicians in Florida on the safe and effective administration of vaccines and epinephrine autoinjection is required beginning this biennium which ends September 30, 2013. Section 465.009 (6) (a), F.S.

Consultant Pharmacist Renewal: 24 hours continuing education must be completed every 2 years from the expiration date of the license.

Nuclear Pharmacist Renewal: 24 hours continuing education must be completed every 2 years from the expiration date of the license.

Courses approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education for pharmacists are deemed approved for general continuing education hours.

ACPE-approved courses for Pharmacy Technicians end in the letter “T”. ACPE-approved courses pharmacists (only) end in the letter “P”.  Courses ending in the letter “P” cannot be used to meet pharmacy technician CE requirements.

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Course TitleCourse IDContact HrMedia
Florida Update — HIV/AIDS in the New Millennium
Course available online.
Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors
Course available online.
Preventing Medication Errors for Pharmacists
Course available online.
Scleroderma: More Than Skin Deep
Course available online.