The Office of the Professions: Medicine Requirements

CE: Effective January 1, 1989, Education Law required certain individuals, when applying initially for licensure or a limited permit to provide documentation of having completed two hours of coursework or training regarding the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment. This requirement applies to: Chiropractors, Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Optometrists, Physicians, Podiatrists, Psychologists, and Registered Nurses.

Infection Control Training must be completed every four years after initial licensure.

New York SB 2043 requires physicians renewing a license to submit proof that, within the 3-year period immediately preceding such renewal period, he or she has successfully completed a course or courses of CME in professional medical competency. Further, the commissioner of health shall develop a course of instruction in medical risk management.

Any prescriber with a DEA registration number must complete 3 hours of course work or training in pain management, palliative care, and addiction.  Course work must be completed by July 1, 2017, and once every three years thereafter.  PHL §3309-a(3). Mandatory Prescriber Education Guide. Prescribers must complete course work in the following eight topic areas.  The following topics may be covered by a single comprehensive training or by multiple individual training's for a total of at least three hours.
1. New York State and federal requirements for prescribing controlled substances
2. Pain management
3. Appropriate prescribing
4. Managing acute pain
5. Palliative medicine
6. Prevention, screening and signs of addiction
7. Responses to abuse and addiction
8. End of life care

Licenses must be renewed every three years.

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