The Board of Registration in Medicine Requirements

CE: 100 hours must be completed every 2 years; 40 must be Category 1; 10 must be in the area of risk management, of which 4 must be Category 1; 2 must be in the study of the Board's regulations. Beginning in 2015, 3 hours must be completed in the use of electronic health records. 

At least two credits of either Category 1 or 2 continuing professional development studying end-of-life care issues. End-of-life care studies may be used to satisfy the risk management requirement in 243 CMR 2.06(6) (a) 3. 
Ten credits studying risk management, as defined in 243 CMR 2.01(4), at least four of which shall be in Category 1. Risk Management Study or Risk Management CPD means instruction in medical malpractice prevention, such as risk identification, patient safety, and medical error prevention. Risk management studies may include education in any of the following areas: medical ethics, quality assurance, medical-legal issues, patient relations, electronic health record education, end-of-life care, utilization review that directly relates to quality assurance, and aspects of practice management. 
Renewing licensees who prescribe controlled substances shall complete three credits in pain management training. Pain management training shall include, but not be limited to, training in how to identify patients at high risk for substance abuse and training in how to counsel patients on the side effects, addictive nature and proper storage and disposal of prescription medicines.

Licenses must be renewed every two years on the physician's birth date.

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