Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions - RD80

Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

by Dale Ames Kline, MS, RD, LD and Megan Dennis Baumler, PhD, RD, CD
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Dietetics/Nutrition (8.00 CPEU)

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When the attending physician recommended discontinuing all life-sustaining measures for his mother, who had been placed on a ventilator after a serious stroke, Mr. O’Connor and his sister agreed. After a sleepless night he called the physician with a change of heart regarding the nutrition support. “She fed everyone in town. I don’t want her to starve to death.” How often do you encounter a situation that has ethical implications? The answer may be fairly often if you’re practicing as an RDN in today’s complicated healthcare environment. How do dietitians know what the ethical choice is in a complicated dilemma? Having the ability to work through these real-life situations in a systematic and ethical manner can maintain professional integrity while recognizing an individual patient’s physical and emotional needs, as well as cultural experience, to ensure dignity in care decisions.


The goal of this course is to understand the ethical dilemmas that nutrition professionals may encounter, and to become equipped with the skillset to approach and resolve the dilemma as an educated professional. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Define the legal and medical terminology used in bioethics
  • Discuss current ethical issues of health care, especially those related to nutrition
  • Explain the history and evolution of bioethics, and the philosophical foundations for current court decisions
  • List the organizations which are concerned with ethical standards in health care
  • Define the concept of moral or ethical decision-making, and cite examples of moral decisions
  • State and discuss the dietitian’s role in resolving ethical dilemmas concerning feeding of critically ill patients, which are likely to arise in day-to- day practice
  • Illustrate the role of the ethics committee in an ethical dilemma situation and how the dietitian may provide input in assessing patient nutritional issues
  • Explain the current state statutes that define the law concerning withdrawing and withholding of feeding
  • Define the concept and execution of advance directives, and cite the states that recognize these devices
  • Recommend current literature and resources that offer further reading in the ethical issues of healthcare
  • Identify components of the code of ethics for registered dietitians and how these guidelines specifically impact daily tasks of a practitioner 
  • Analyze ethical dilemmas using moral judgement theory
  • Examine an ethical dilemma from the patient’s, professional’s, and society’s viewpoint
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Wendy R - Fairfield, CT  ·  May 23, 2018
Please, Please document in "Bold" that the documented Exam in the book is different the online exam. I am used to having the book exam match the online exam, so when I go to take the exam all I have to do is plug in my answers. If I did not pay attention to the wording- I would not have passed the exam -took me several additional hours to go between two exams to complete especially when the only difference between the questions is "except." Not cool. Called the company tonight to complain that book exam did not match online exam - but nothing in exam directions explained the exams where different questions!! ironically I was filling in answer from 2 other ceu books exams I completed and both books had same exam hard copy and online - so I thought the ceu book I just completed had multiple errors.... Your staff member told me you were in transition of changing all ceus books- so book exam is different from online exam - Why? Wendy Reith
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Gerri T - Lake Placid, NY  ·  May 22, 2018
Relevant information related to decision making for RD’s
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Bonnie S - Sausalito, CA  ·  May 20, 2018
nice review of what ethics is and the RD's role
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Patricia S - Cornelius, NC  ·  May 18, 2018
Very thorough & an excellent guide that I will keep to have on hand. Thank you.
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AnneMarie M - Avondale, AZ  ·  Apr 12, 2018
I thought this course was extremely informational and I liked the way the information was organized and presented.
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