Nutrition Care Process - RD101

Nutrition Care Process

by Pamela J. Charney, RD, PhD
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Dietetics/Nutrition (8.00 CPEU)

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Dietetics professionals needing to implement the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) will find this course an excellent primer and tutorial. Beginning with an overview of how care processes benefit healthcare providers in all areas of practice, the course explains the promise NCP holds in facilitating recognition of the special skills and knowledge that dietetics professionals bring to patient care. Topics include the steps of the NCP (nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention, nutrition monitoring/evaluation), why health care professionals use care processes, the diagnostic thought process, diagnosing nutrition problems with the NCP, documenting care using PES statements in a variety of styles, and integrating informatics into the care process.


Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  1. Relate the developments in health care that support use of a care process by dietitians.
  2. Describe each of the components of the Nutrition Care Process and Model.
  3. Discuss the benefits associated with using a standardized terminology in dietetics practice.
  4. Identify the components of nutrition assessment as described in the Nutrition Care Process.
  5. Gather information from a patient history using a case study.
  6. Critically evaluate patient information to complete a nutrition assessment.
  7. Discuss the differences between the medical diagnosis and the nutrition diagnosis.
  8. Given a case scenario, correctly diagnose nutrition problems.
  9. Write clear, concise P-E-S statements for brief case scenarios.
  10. Given a case scenario, select interventions appropriate for a given nutrition diagnosis
  11. Discuss rationale for selecting a nutrition intervention.
  12. Determine own level of autonomy for implementing nutrition interventions depending on practice setting and level of experience.
  13. Describe how goals are set for nutrition intervention.
  14. List at least 2-3 goals for a given nutrition intervention.
  15. Identify standards for comparison when selecting monitoring and evaluation parameters.
  16. Define nutrition informatics.
  17. Locate nutrition-related information using a search engine.
  18. Critically evaluate appropriateness of web page content.
  19. Develop an understanding of critical thinking skills.
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Ronda D - Denton, NE  ·  Aug 28, 2018
This course was very helpful understanding how to incorporate the NCP in my line of work.
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Wendy R - Fairfield, CT  ·  May 23, 2018
Challenging if you have not been introduced to the NCP, this CEU credits should be increased to at least 12 ceus, not 8.
Was this review helpful?  0
Kathleen C - West Chester, PA  ·  Apr 28, 2018
Found the detailed description of physical assessment most helpful.
Was this review helpful?  0
Kathy G - Memphis, TN  ·  Apr 25, 2018
This course provided beneficial information I will be able to utilize at my job currently as well as in the future.
Was this review helpful?  0
Denise M - Los Alamitos, CA  ·  Apr 23, 2018
This is a good explanation of the Nutrition Care Process for a beginning RD. This helped me as I was transitioning when this was implemented, and I needed guidance throughout the process.
Was this review helpful?  0
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