EDs Face Influx of Nonurgent Patients - RAD427E

EDs Face Influx of Nonurgent Patients

by Susanne J. Pavlovich-Danis, MSN, RN, ARNP-C, CDE, CRRN
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The demand for ED care is at an all-time high, yet the number of EDs continues to decline nationwide. ED overcrowding is a problem with hospitalwide implications. EDs that are at capacity often have patients who wait hours or even days to be fully admitted to a care unit. Fifty percent of urban hospitals and 38% of all hospitals reported that their EDs were at or over capacity in 2010. Most people seek care in the ED for an acute injury or illness. But many people seek care in the ED for acute exacerbations of poorly managed chronic illness, such as diabetes, or for management of a chronic illness in the absence of an acute problem, such as for blood pressure control and cardiac or asthma medication refills. In fact, the ED has become the largest provider of unscheduled primary care visits, seriously stressing the healthcare safety net.


The goal of this program is to increase healthcare providers’ knowledge of acute and chronic care provided in the ED. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Explain the reasons for the increase in patients who seek chronic care in the ED
  • Identify common disorders of patients who seek chronic care in the ED
  • Describe how chronic care in the emergency setting differs from that in traditional primary care settings

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Leilani H - Houston, TX  ·  May 28, 2020
this course was very informative.
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Aimee S - Riverview, FL  ·  May 13, 2020
A good module very informative.
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Tiffany C - Austin, TX  ·  May 02, 2020
Great and informative course.
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Victoria M - Houston, TX  ·  Apr 23, 2020
always knew the ED was well overused for non-emergent issues... but this shed a new light about how frequent it really is not used properly
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Matt W - Marion , IN  ·  Apr 20, 2020
interesting read on the influx of non-urgent patients
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