Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases - PT23

Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases

by Brad Stockert, PT, PhD
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Chronic noncommunicable diseases are a group of disorders that include cardiovascular disease, some cancers (including breast and colorectal), chronic lung diseases and diabetes. This group of disorders causes 60% of the deaths in the world. We now know that contracting muscle secretes chemical mediators that effectively combat chronic inflammation and chronic noncommunicable diseases, whereas inactive muscle does not secrete these protective mediators. Chronic inflammation is no longer simply considered to be acute inflammation that has lasted longer than two weeks. Instead, chronic inflammation is now considered to be a state in which pro-inflammatory cytokines are two to four times above the level considered to be normal.


The goal of this chronic noncommunicable diseases continuing education module is to introduce physical therapists to current concepts in chronic inflammation, including the link between chronic inflammation and chronic noncommunicable diseases and how physical activity can be used as an intervention in the prevention and management of chronic inflammation and chronic noncommunicable diseases. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Give a current definition of chronic inflammation
  • Describe the impact of physical inactivity and obesity on markers of chronic inflammation
  • Describe the impact of physical activity as an intervention in the treatment of chronic inflammation and chronic noncommunicable diseases

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ANN M - valencia, CA  ·  Feb 01, 2017
great bio-physiology review
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Anthony Z - Farmingville, NY  ·  Jan 03, 2017
good overall didactic review with little clinical applications...good for cocktail party trivia!
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Matthew L - West Chester , PA  ·  Dec 30, 2016
well presented and good to have access to
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Dan G - Havertown, PA  ·  Dec 27, 2016
very interesting review of inflammation markers and responses
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Geralyn F - Corona, CA  ·  Sep 04, 2016
this course was educational
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