Dissociative Identity Disorder - PSY23

Dissociative Identity Disorder

by Linda L. Openshaw, DSW, LCSW and Andrew MS McLane and Vickie Johnson, LCSW, MDiv and Jordan Jeffrey
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Dissociative identity disorder is noted by the presence of two or more personality states in which a person may be described as having different names, temperaments and self-images. At various times, these subjective identities may take executive control, influencing the person’s body, behavior, and/or perceived experiences. The control of a person rotates between at least two of the identities, while the identities that are not in control remain unconscious. In some cultures, symptoms of DID are described as “possession” due to the disruptive nature of the symptoms in physiological and mental states.


The goal of this dissociative identity disorder (DID) continuing education module is to provide social workers and psychologists with information about the definitions, prevalence and treatment of dissociative identity disorder. After studying the information presented here, clinicians will be able to:
  • Describe the different types of dissociative disorders and their diagnostic criteria
  • Discuss the most common treatment approaches
  • Identify some problems with malingering associated with DID

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