Psychoanalysis - PSY14


Theory and Practice

by Terry B Northcut, LCSW, PhD
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Sigmund Freud was often cautious about the rigid interpretation of his theories; to paraphrase his sentiment, he would hate to be a “Freudian.” Freud knew that followers of a particular ideology are often more zealous than the founder of the ideology. Such is often the case with psychoanalysis. Theory that was part of the original, classical perspective gets interpreted rigidly or applied as if the theory has not changed over the years. In addition, how a theory gets interpreted or operationalized reflects the economic and political climate in which the treatment is occurring, the population being served, and the values and biases of the practitioner.


The goal of this psychoanalysis continuing education module is to provide clinicians with the basic principles of psychoanalytic theory and its practice, examine its continued relevance and applicability, and provide illustrations of its application. At the conclusion of this module, the clinician should be able to:
  • Identify the basic principles of psychoanalytic theory
  • Describe the therapeutic process of psychoanalytic therapy and the key components of treatment
  • Identify when and how psychoanalytic theory and therapy may be appropriate and when it is inappropriate.

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Brandi B - FAIRFIELD, CA  ·  Nov 02, 2018
A good review of pschoanalysis
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Christine R - San Diego, CA  ·  Aug 15, 2018
psychanalysis is such gobbledegook
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Devon S - St Petersburg, FL  ·  Aug 10, 2018
great course! learned much about psychoanalysis.
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David B - Alameda, CA  ·  Aug 02, 2018
A good overview! Could be longer and give a little bit more explanation of terms.
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Man L - Avon, CT  ·  May 31, 2018
Good review for all clinicians. The main principles still apply for today's practice.
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Price: $19.00
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