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Onsite Ostomy Management Course


This course is credentialed for:
Physical Therapy (36.00 Hour(s))
Medicine (36.00 Credits)
Physician (36.00 Credits)

Price: $2697.00


Each year thousands of people face life changing surgeries to correct gastrointestinal or urinary tract disorders. These individuals are from all age groups, and require trained professionals to help them successfully adapt to the unique concerns caused by these surgeries. An Ostomy Management Specialist® (OMS) is trained to understand both the physiological and emotional challenges people with stomas face on a daily basis.
This week-long course is rigorous but highly dynamic and prepares you for the Ostomy Management Specialist® (OMS) credential offered by the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy® (NAWCO®). Instructors include a physician and nurses from diverse health care backgrounds, who are credentialed, dynamic and passionate about Ostomy Management.


  • List key characteristics required for stomal and peristomal skin assessment.
  • Discuss the different types and indications of pouching systems and accessories used with stoma pouching systems
  • Explain the steps of stoma siting procedure for optimal location on abdomen for a stoma
  • Discuss emotions that a new ostomy patient is likely to experience before and after the creation of a stoma or a continent diversion.
  • Discuss the etiology, identification, and treatment, both conservative and surgical, if appropriate, of the 5 stomal complications.
  • Differentiate between types of fistulas in terms of causative factors, pathophysiology, and principles of management.
  • List indications, contraindications and procedure steps for colostomy irrigation.
  • Describe causes, symptoms and interventions for ileostomy food blockage.
  • Identify the purpose, design, location in the intestine, methods of accessing and management of three enterostomal and three enterostomy tubes.
  • State how to assess for, prevent and manage four enteral tube complications.
  • Discuss conditions in the pediatric patient that may require a fecal or urinary diversion.
  • Summarize the management of a pediatric patient with a urinary or fecal diversion.
  • Summarize the goals of pre-operative teaching, list what should be covered and develop an individualized teaching plan for a patient based on an assessment of their learning needs.
  • Demonstrate a stoma assessment.
  • Demonstrate application, emptying, and removal of a cut to fit 2-piece pouching system.
  • Demonstrate patient teaching methods for application, emptying and removal of a pouching system.
  • Demonstrate the “crusting” procedure.
  • Explain the goals of post-operative teaching. List what should be covered and develop an individualized teaching plan based on an assessment of their learning needs.
Ostomy Management Specialist® (OMS) Credential
Eligible nurses or therapist may sit for the prestigious OMS board examination provided by NAWCO®.
NAWCO® is the largest and fastest growing credentialing board, dedicated to the advancement and promotion of excellence in wound care and ostomy management.
Tuition includes:
  • Online pre-course modules
  • Onsite course training
  • Continuing education contact hours upon completion
  • WCEI® Ostomy Management course workbook
  • Learning aides: glossary, sample questions and more
  • Tools, including a business tote bag, pen and highlighter
  • Pre-exam certification review (course review)
  • Exclusive access to resource materials
  • Networking lunches (at most locations)
The Wound Care Education Institute is a division of OnCourse Learning and this educational activity is provided by OnCourse Learning.

Course Originally Released on: 6/15/2017
Date of Most Recent Review: 3/20/2017
Course Termination/Update Date: 2/9/2020

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Price: $2697.00