Sleep Disorders: Being Alert to Common Varieties - CMA688

Sleep Disorders: Being Alert to Common Varieties

by Amy M. Sawyer, PhD, RN and Bruno Saconi, MS, RN
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Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder in the general adult population. It is estimated that nearly 30% of the population suffers from at least one nocturnal insomnia symptom, and about 10% to 15% have associated symptoms of daytime functional impairment. Insomnia is characterized by an inability to initiate or maintain sleep given an adequate opportunity to sleep. People may complain of nonrestorative sleep as well as waking up too early. For a diagnosis of insomnia, a disruption in sleep must have some adverse impact on daily function. Sleep deprivation resulting from lifestyle factors is also common in our society, further affecting the health of U.S. adults. Awareness of these common disorders is the first step in being able to clinically recognize such sleep disorders in patients. Healthcare providers must be aware of the health consequences of inadequate sleep and untreated sleep disorders in people they engage with in the clinical setting.


The goal of this program is to increase registered healthcare professionals’ knowledge of the importance of sleep assessment in clinical practice and to provide clinical assessment strategies about common assessment/diagnostic tools for impaired sleep and sleep disorders. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Describe the incidence and prevalence of common sleep disorders in adults
  • Discuss common sleep assessment tools and the indications for them
  • Discuss ways to incorporate a routine sleep assessment into practice

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The course is intended for an interprofessional audience, including nurses and respiratory therapists, and for multiple professions, including certified medical assistants.
Certified medical assistants: Take this version of the course to ensure you receive appropriate credit.
This program has been granted prior approval by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) for 1.0 clinical continuing education unit(s) (approval #136690 for 9/16/2019 to 9/16/2020). Granting approval in no way constitutes endorsement by the AAMA of the program content or the program provider.
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Price: $10.00
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