An Interprofessional School-Based Team’s Approach to Caring for Lilly - CMA60228

An Interprofessional School-Based Team’s Approach to Caring for Lilly

A Second-Grader With Cerebral Palsy

by Jeanne Kloeckner, OTD, OTR/L and Emily Goudreault, MA, CCC-SLP and Sheila Leander, PhD and Allison Pitman Sevillano, MS, DPT, PT, ATP, CEAS and Susie Artis, MSN, RN, NE-BC
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Certified Medical Assistants (1.00 Hours)

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Public schools serve children with disabilities in the “least restrictive environment” possible, meaning most children are included in the general classrooms with supportive services built into their days. Healthcare teams work within the educational team to provide the services needed for students with disabilities to achieve their educational goals. This case-based activity outlines the roles and interactions of one child’s interprofessional healthcare team in an elementary school setting. Lilly is a second-grade student with cerebral palsy and related health issues. Learn how a healthcare team joins with her educational team to help Lilly stay well and participate fully at school.


The goal of this interprofessional continuing education module is to provide an overview of the roles and interactions between a nurse, certified medical assistant (CMA) speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, and occupational therapist as they address the complex school-based needs of a young child with cerebral palsy. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Describe the distinct and interactive roles of nurses, CMAs, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and educators who work in concert to address a young child’s healthcare needs and explain how they affect her participation in school
  • Articulate typical intervention approaches used with a 7-year-old child with multiple, complex medical problems in a school setting
  • Explain how the roles and functions of an interdisciplinary healthcare team complement one another, requiring IP communication and coordination of services

Approval Information
This course is intended for certified medical assistants
This program has been granted prior approval by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) for 1.0 clinical and general continuing education unit(s) (approval #134726 for 11/26/18 to 11/25/19). Granting approval in no way constitutes endorsement by the AAMA of the program content or the program provider.

Course Originally Released on: 6/16/2017
Date of Most Recent Review: 6/16/2017
Course Termination/Update Date: 11/25/2019

Unless stated above, the planners and authors of this course have declared no relevant conflicts of interest that relate to this educational activity. Relias LLC guarantees this educational activity is free from bias.

Please see CE Course Instructions to learn how to earn CE credit for this module.

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Jennifer F - Tucson, AZ  ·  Jul 11, 2019
the course content and questions related are too difficult to know what you are asking. Not clear
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Valerie S - Tucson, AZ  ·  Jul 03, 2019
The material is very dry , boring and confusing when trying to take the test.
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Nicole E - Queen Creek, AZ  ·  Jun 22, 2019
helpful information as always
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Sabine D - Discovery Bay, CA  ·  Jun 20, 2019
I learned a great deal about IEP's and whos involved
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Jennifer B - Cedar Rapids, IA  ·  Jun 09, 2019
I am glad that these programs are offered
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