Mind Your Manners … Multiculturally - CMA570

Mind Your Manners … Multiculturally

by Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN
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Certified Medical Assistants (1.00 AAMA CEUs)

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Part of the challenge of medical assistants is working with colleagues and patients from culturally diverse backgrounds. Although the number of nonwhite nurses remains relatively small, it is on the rise. Most likely, the growing medical assistant shortage in the U.S. will increase recruitment of foreign healthcare workers. Cultural sensitivity will become even more important in the future. Although medical assistants know they should respect cultural differences, they may not be aware of some key differences that can have a big impact on staff relationships. Being aware and sensitive to these differences can make the healthcare team more effective and contribute to a more positive work environment. This awareness and sensitivity can also improve relationships with patients and improve patient satisfaction. This module provides medical assistants with knowledge they can use to work with colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds.


The purpose of this continuing education program is to provide certified medical assistants with knowledge they can use to work with colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds. After you study the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Explain two ways in which handshake etiquette differs around the world
  • Describe two common gestures that may be appropriate in one culture and offensive in another
  • Describe two gifts that can have a negative meaning to an international colleague

Approval Information
This course is intended for certified medical assistants
This program has been granted prior approval by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) for 1.0 general continuing education unit(s) (approval # 128274 for 05/08/15 to 05/08/16, 130218 for 6/11/2016 to 6/11/2017, 132276 for 08/25/2017 to 08/24/2018, 134205 for 08/25/2018 to 08/24/2019). Granting approval in no way constitutes endorsement by the AAMA of the program content or the program provider.

Course Originally Released on: 2/5/2015
Date of Most Recent Review: 5/11/2017
Course Termination/Update Date: 8/24/2019

Unless stated above, the planners and authors of this course have declared no relevant conflicts of interest that relate to this educational activity. Relias LLC guarantees this educational activity is free from bias.

Please see CE Course Instructions to learn how to earn CE credit for this module.

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STEPHANIE M - Blanch, NC  ·  Jan 14, 2019
Very informative. I learned a lot about the different cultural backgrounds.
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Nathan L - Williamsburg, VA  ·  Jan 11, 2019
this course was very educated.
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Tawanna B - Charleston, SC  ·  Jan 10, 2019
good reading material with lots of information
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Elisa H - Peoria, IL  ·  Jan 10, 2019
I appreciate the course being pre approved by the AAMA and its free!
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Theresa C - Cedar Rapids, IA  ·  Jan 09, 2019
I did not know all of these traits varied so much.
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Price: $10.00
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