Dietetic Diversity - CHES76

Dietetic Diversity

by Carol Ann Brannon, RDN, MS, LD
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Reviewed and recertified. The term "melting pot" with foods from many cultures. Dietitians must develop a sensitivity and understanding of new cultures and cuisines to be effective counselors. "Cultural competency" is the goal of this course, which examines culture and diet of ethnic groups.


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Define culture, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competency.
  • Identify and discuss the process of becoming culturally competent.
  • List and discuss the barriers to healthcare experienced by minority groups.
  • Discuss the health disparities that exist for various cultural and ethnic groups.
  • Distinguish between generalizations and stereotypes.
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of Anglo-American and traditional cultures.
  • Discuss the biological and cultural factors that influence food choices.
  • Describe the traditional diet of Native Americans and compare their traditional diet to the typical American diet today.
  • List and discuss the health problems faced by Native Americans today.
  • Describe the various food pyramid guides, including the USDA Food Pyramid Guide, Soul Food Pyramid, and Latin American Food Pyramid.
  • Describe the traditional and specialty foods, diets, and dietary customs of Native Americans and people of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian heritage.
  • Compare and contrast Western diets, customs, and lifestyles to Eastern diets, customs, and lifestyles.
  • Identify and discuss the health concerns and conditions specific to people of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian heritage.
  • Describe the worldview of Native Americans and people of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian heritage.
  • Describe the family structure and role of family in the lives of Native Americans and people of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian heritage.
  • Discuss, compare, and contrast the major religions of Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, and East Asians.
  • Identify and discuss the most effective, culturally-appropriate communication and counseling strategies to use in working with people of African, Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian heritage.
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Misty M - burlson, TX  ·  Jan 19, 2020
great course very informative
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Trish R - Ann Arbor, MI  ·  Jan 04, 2020
Great Information regarding different ethnic group food habits.
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Andre G - Columbia, SC  ·  Nov 29, 2019
Very informative and offered insights that can be useful to me as I execute the goals of my job.
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Andres R - Lincoln, CA  ·  Jun 06, 2019
being of hispanic heritage I disagree with sone of the "right" answers, they do not reflect the reality.
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Lisa J - loveland, CO  ·  Jun 05, 2018
very very informative everyone should take this course
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