Gluten Intolerance and GI Disorders - CHES158

Gluten Intolerance and GI Disorders

by Cynthia R Kupper, RD
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Gluten intolerance, celiac disease, IBS, Crohn’s, colitis and diverticulosis cause nutrition deficiencies, bone disease, autoimmune problems and hematological diseases. The goal of this course is to provide a better understanding of GI diseases and nutrition management and education tools. Resources for more information, including how to find dietitians specializing in celiac disease and gluten related disorders are included. Updates throughout this course cover symptoms, diagnosis, nutritional implications and treatment, with special focus on gluten-free diets.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Explain the basic function of the GI tract; the absorption sites in the GI tract for specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients; and the role of probiotics in GI tract function
  • Explain the basic pathophysiology of irritable bowel diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, diverticular disease and celiac disease
  • Discuss how gut-associated lymphoid tissue, antigen tolerance and autoantibodies relate to the development of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Describe the role of probiotics in treating inflammatory bowel disease
  • Compare and contrast Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, including etiology, pathology, diagnosis, nutritional concerns and treatment
  • Design one diet for a patient with Crohn’s disease who does not require surgery and one for a Crohn’s patient who has a resection of the large intestine
  • Compare and contrast the various presentations of celiac disease, including symptoms, organs and body systems that are involved
  • Discuss the nutritional deficiencies common in celiac disease and develop a plan to address these deficiencies
  • Explain the basic components of a gluten-free diet and barriers to compliance with the diet
  • Develop a Medical Nutrition Therapy treatment plan for a patient with celiac disease and gluten intolerance

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Abigail G - Alameda, CA  ·  Oct 14, 2019
enjoyed learning this course. i can use this on daily routine to stay healtier
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CAMILA H V - COLONIA, NJ  ·  Sep 14, 2018
This is a very good topic for me as am working in ENDO dealing with GI system. It gave me a deeper understanding of GI conditions/ diseases and treatments specially when giving health instructions, when patients about what are foods good to eat in relation to their particular conditions. The content of the topic was very interesting for me.
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Mary Ellen D - Little Egg Harbor, NJ  ·  Jul 31, 2018
This is a very informative course, though difficult to follow at some points.
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Debbie C - Elmont, NY  ·  Apr 22, 2018
Very well displayed material that was easy to read and follow. Terms were adequately defined. The material was also very specific in its teaching and contained all the necessary topics needed to support each topic.
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Macdaline S - Philadelphia, PA  ·  Mar 29, 2018
helfull, great topic
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