Weight Management for Teens - CHES136

Weight Management for Teens

by Linda Omichinski, RD
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Health Education (6.00 CECH)

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Reviewed and recertified. Updated information on weight management using the highly acclaimed HUGS plan for teenagers. Provides proven, practical strategies and techniques to work with this problem population, using the nondiet approach which incorporates food, fitness, and lifestyle. The authors originated the HUGSTM program, and wrote a lecture on nondiet strategies for weight management. Essential for working in weight control and school fitness programs.  


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Explain the forces that influence how teenagers feel about themselves
  2. Define body image and identify three consequences of poor body image
  3. Describe how eating disorders and dieting behaviors are related
  4. List five developmental tasks of adolescence
  5. Explain how smoking is used by teenage girls
  6. Describe eight facilitated empowerment tedchniques for teen groups
  7. List three functions of nourishment by food for the adolescent
  8. Describe the effect of physical activity on teens' psychological health
  9. List 10 personal and internal indicators of healthier living
  10. Explain how a healthy body metabolism operates
  11. List five benefits of eating breakfast
  12. Describe the consequences of caffeine, nicotine and sugar abuse
  13. Explain the role of carbohydrate and protein in appetite control
  14. List five reasons why fat is important in adolescent eating patterns
  15. Contrast restricting fat and retraining tastes for fat
  16. Explain why iron deficiency is a concern for teenage vegetarians
  17. Describe how natural hunger, appetite and satiety signals function
  18. Contrast mind and body hunger
  19. Contrast internal and external appetite cues
  20. List 10 reasons to give up dieting
  21. Desribe and list five benefits of conscious eating
  22. Contrast exercise and active living
  23. Name and refute three myths about the nutrition needs of teenage athletes
  24. Describe four critical thinking and assertive problem solving techniques
  25. List 10 ways teens can counter the presssures to diet 
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This course is intended for an interprofessional audience, including dietitians, health educators, athletic trainers, and fitness professionals.
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Course Originally Released on: 10/1/2009
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Course Termination/Update Date: 2/28/2017

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Kimberly S - Gray, GA  ·  Nov 05, 2016
Great course I liked it
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andy b - Hernando, MS  ·  May 10, 2016
excellent course. Great content
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Dinamarie G - Peabody, MA  ·  Sep 09, 2015
Clear and well written
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Elaine B - Herndon, VA  ·  Apr 05, 2015
It was very good and I learned a lot
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Alexandra C - Nashville, TN  ·  Nov 01, 2014
This course was interesting and provided valuable information.
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