Nutrition for Rehabilitation and Healing - CHES103

Nutrition for Rehabilitation and Healing

by Karen Lilyquist, PhD, RD, RN, LD
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Health Education (12.00 CECH)

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Rehabilitation care has grown in importance as hospital stays have shortened and active older patients encounter new injuries and surgeries. Author Karen Lilyquist has updated this course, adding new material on rehabilitation from trauma and sports injuries, plus updates in all chapters. Includes assessment of geriatric, transplant, pulmonary, neurology, cardiac, orthopedic, trauma, stroke, amputation, and closed head injury patients; dysphagia.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand the role of the nutrition profession on a multidisciplinary health care team.
  2. Define and discuss the "continuum of care."
  3. Explain the necessary components of an outcome research study.
  4. List 10 observable external or behavioral characteristics indicating nutritional problems.
  5. Discuss skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, skin and sensory changes indicating nutritional problems.
  6. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of different dietary assessment methods.
  7. Explain the various anthropometric measures useful in planning nutritional care during rehabilitation.
  8. Discuss the symptoms of the following conditions, list rehabilitation goals and nutrition issues, and explain how to develop nutrition care plans for each: stroke, spinal cord injury, osteoporosis, amputation, multi-trauma, burns, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness and injury.
  9. Discuss the role of macronutrients and micronutrients in illness and injury.
  10. Estimate calorie, protein, vitamin and mineral needs in recovery from illness and injury.
  11. Explain the pathology and treatment of dysphagia, including the National Dysphagia Diet.
  12. Explain the three phases of wound healing and the nutrients involved in each phase.
  13. Develop a medical nutrition therapy plan for a patient with a stage IV pressure ulcer.
  14. Describe three strategies to increase intake in patients with decreased intake or cachexia.
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Danielle M - RICHMOND , CA  ·  Sep 17, 2018
Very informative and helping for work & home life.
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Izees A - cherry valley , NY  ·  May 04, 2018
good for ed nurses because it helps us understand pts needs
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JENNIFER R - Suwanee, GA  ·  Apr 10, 2018
Well written and insightful approach to the interdisciplinary needs of a patient
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Suzanne M - Burleson, TX  ·  Jan 25, 2018
very informative, well written
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Erin M - Lancaster, PA  ·  Nov 28, 2017
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