Geriatrics Bundle

Total CPEU:  20.00

The nutritional needs of the health and sick elderly are covered in these two courses. Nutrition for the Elderly covers those elderly who live at home or in the community, what happens to their bodies as they age and how that alters their nutritional needs. Sociopsychological factors related to aging, risk of malnutrition, and government nutrition program guidelines are also part of the course. This course teaches you how to keep the elderly health and at home. Clinical Geriatric Nutrition is geared towards taking care of the sick elderly, whether at home, in a hospital, or in a long-term care or other institution. Clinical nutrition care for geriatric patients will become more important than ever as cost concerns take front row. Research, standards of practice and MNT guidelines are found in every chapter. Topics include assessment, fluid balance, skin integrity, medical nutrition therapy, advanced nutrition support, much more.

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Courses in this bundle (2)
by Katie M. Dodd, MS, RD, CSG, LD
by Elizabeth (Liz) Kahrs Friedrich, MPH, RD, CSG, ...