Clinical Applications Super Bundle

Total CPEU:  40.00

Dietitians and healthcare professionals working in acute care and long-term care are responsible for the nutritional assessment of their patients and for initiating and monitoring nutrition care plans. These courses cover all aspects of caring for a sick patient. The first step is assessment of nutritional status, which includes changes in overall health that precipitate declining nutritional status, such as unplanned weight loss, failure to thrive and skin breakdown. It contains guidelines and discussions of laboratory parameters, including biochemical assessment of hydration and protein status, nutritional anemias, nutritional significance, medical conditions causing abnormal lab levels, and effects of numerous medications for more than 60 lab tests. Once nutritional issues are found, there are specific guidelines for wound healing, hydration management, dysphagia, dementia and other conditions. Using the Nutrition Care Process is integrated in all three courses.

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