The Modern Pharmacy Laboratory Series

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The practice of pharmacy compounding has made a significant resurgence in recent years as patients and providers alike seek treatment tailored to more specific needs. Whether due to personal or religious preferences, increasing numbers of patients in special populations, or the inherent inter-patient variables that exist in the growing world population, the need for drug therapies which can be individually modified continues to grow. Compounding presents solutions unattainable from the mass-produced drugs available on the market. By combining the unique expertise and knowledge of pharmacists with the research and data from industry leaders, patients with specific needs can receive much-needed drug formulations not available commercially. OnCourse Learning is proud to offer the four-part Modern Pharmacy Laboratory Series, accredited educational programming aimed at exploring how the art and science of compounding can be used to create important care solutions. 

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by Saira Ahmed, PharmD
by Saira Ahmed, PharmD and Esther Kim, Phar...