Youth Counseling Bundle

Total ACSM CECs:  1.80

Working with youths can be a challenge. Young people are prone to nutrition problems like obesity, eating disorders, extreme dieting, fads and fetishes. Since chronic diseases often follow poor eating habits, intervention is vital. Learn the nutritional needs of this age group and how to communicate effectively with them. Stages of change and barriers that prevent their application are addressed. Physical fitness is key for children and adolescents to stay healthy. The “sports nutrition” issues of children and adolescents are different from adults. Included are guidelines for boosting performance, limiting risk, and promoting healthy development in young exercisers and competitors. Topics include the relationship of motor development to sports activities, assessing nutrient needs, energy production, fluid and electrolytes, weight control and dieting, and much more.

Price: $303.00
CE-PRO Price: $151.50
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