Nondiet Bundle

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For most people, diets don't work. This weight-centered approach to health is not only ineffective, but linked to disordered eating and size discrimination. For teens, programs intended to prevent or reduce childhood obesity may be harmful by increasing the stigma associated with obesity and fueling pressures to engage in unsafe weight control behaviors which can cause significant weight gain and contribute to disordered eating. A non-diet approach promotes reconnection with internally directed hunger and satiety cues to facilitate eating competence, being active for energy and fun, and acceptance of the size and weight that result naturally from a health-supportive lifestyle. This approach is weight-neutral, with the focus on promoting healthy behaviors instead of on weight loss. This bundle includes all the information healthcare professionals and fitness experts need to shift from using a weight-centric model to a weight-neutral model for teens and adults.

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Courses in this bundle (2)
by Cristen Harris, PhD, RDN, CSSD, CD, CEP, FAND
by Dawn Elizabeth Clifford, PhD, RD