The Division of Professional Regulation Requirements

 CE: 30 Contact Hours must be completed over the two year renewal period.

Each renewal period ends on July 31st of years ending in an odd number. (e.g., 2013)

There is no CE requirement for a license issued for less than one year. If a license would cover more than one year, but less than 2 years, the licensee is required to obtain 15 CEs or one-half of the required total hours.
Single License: Individuals with a license in only one (1) area of specialty must obtain a minimum of 30 CEs each two-year license renewal period.
Dual License: Individuals with licenses in two (2) areas of specialty must obtain a minimum of 30 CEs during each two-year license renewal period, with 15 CEs obtained in each specialty area. One course may be split between specialty areas to fulfill multiple CE requirements. Content must be shown to be relevant to those areas.
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