Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations, Office of Speech-Language Pathology Certification Requirements

Speech-Language Pathologists Certificate Renewal

CE: 10 professional development activities (PDA) per year of each renewal period.

Continuing professional competency requirements are effective on December 1, 2014. Requirements must be met before a certificate can be renewed in 2016.

For each renewal period, the CPD Program consists of the following elements:

  • A Reflective Self-Assessment Tool (RSAT) and establishment of learning goals;
  • Execution of a Learning Plan;
  • Accrual of 10 Professional Development Activities (PDA), AND
  • Documentation and retention of Professional Development Activities (PDA).


PDA are organized into six (6) categories:
•   Volunteer Service
•   Mentoring/Supervision
•   Presentations
•   Coursework (includes online courses and webinars)
•   Independent Learning
•   Group Study
A certificate holder must accrue the required 10 PDA through a minimum of 2 categories (no more than 5 PDA will be credited in any one category), OR all 10 PDA can be earned through the Coursework category.

For more information visit The Colorado Office of Speech-Language Pathology Certification.


Audiologists Licensure Renewal

There are no continuing education requirements for audiologists.

For more information visit The Colorado Office of Audiology and Hearing Aid Provider Licensure.