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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 - I took a CE test and my certificate will not print. What should I do?

After taking the test, you can check your transcript for the course. If the course is there, click on the view button to the right of the title to view your certificate and print it.

Your transcript can be accessed after logging on. Just click the ‘my transcript’ link at the top of

If none of these options are working for you, you can contact our office at (800) 866-0919 or and let them know what test you took so they can track down your test and send you a copy of your certificate.

2 - Why can't I log on to the account given to me by my employer?

Employer sponsored CE from Relias is not available on This is a separate service called CE Direct. The login page for CE Direct is

3 - Can I use your continuing education courses to renew my license?

Relias has continuing education (CE) accreditations, providerships or course approvals through numerous professional organizations. Many states accept our self-study continuing education courses for renewal of licenses. For complete provider information, go to

4 - I am not currently licensed but your system is asking for my professional license number. Can I take your tests?

Yes, you can take continuing education courses on our website regardless of the status of your licensure. To complete the test, you cannot leave the license number field blank, but we are not verifying your licensure information so any data will do. If you are a licensed professional in another field, enter that information. If you have not yet received your license, you could enter “pending” or “student.” Make sure to pick values from the drop down menus for the license type and license state as well.

For all participants: Please check and make sure that you will be able to use our courses to meet whatever requirements you might be trying fulfill before taking our courses.

5 - I am trying to create a user account but it won’t accept my username. What am I doing wrong?

It may be that you are choosing a username that includes unacceptable characters. Accepted characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - (dash), and _ (underscore). You cannot use symbols (like @#$.) or spaces.

6 - After I have completed and pass a course will I be certified in this area?

When you complete a CE course, you get a certificate reflecting this. A 'certification' is different. It generally comes either after attending a seminar teaching hands-on skills or after fulfilling the requirements set out by a national organization that offers certification in certain specialty areas.

7 - I would like for my staff to take some courses. How do I setup a corporate account? Is there a contact number I can call regarding CE Direct?

Relias does offer options to allow employers to offer unlimited access to our online courses for their employees. For information, please call our CE Direct toll-free number: (800)866-0919.

8 - What are Bundles?

Bundles are two or more continuing education courses packaged together to make it easy and convenient for busy health care professionals to acquire new knowledge and skills in specific subject matter areas. You SAVE MONEY by purchasing a bundle instead of paying individual course prices. Bundles can save you up to 20% off of the cost of individualcourses.’s popular CE PRO membership provides 50% off all bundles! Sign up today and enjoy instant savings on all bundle purchase.

9 - First Course Free

First Course Free is defined as one (1) contact hour. Contact hour measurements vary by industry profession, as determined by the governing regulatory body. Your first course free is the equivalent of a one (1) hour course defined according to the industry profession course measurement outlined here. Thank you.

Course Measurement

Industry Profession

.10 CEU

Audiology/SLP, Fitness, Occupational Therapy

1.0 Credit


1.0 CPEU


1.0 CECH

Health Education

1.0 Hour

Athletic Training, Physical Therapy

1.0 CEU

Certified Medical Assistants

1.0 CEH

Emergency Medical Services

1.0 Contact Hour

Laboratory, Pharmacy, Pharmacy Tech, Respiratory Therapy

1.0 CE Hours

Massage Therapy

1.0 CE Credit

Psychology, Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology

1.0 CE Clock Hour

Social Work

Credit Process

How do I find available credits?

1. Click on the “my account” section at the top of any page.

2. Click on “Credits” in the green box labeled, “Your Account,” on the left hand side of the Account Overview Page.

3. The Credits page shows you how many credits you have available to use:

How do I transfer credits?

1. From the Credits page you can also transfer a credit to another user on

2. Choose the credit you would like to transfer to another user from the drop down menu:

3. Choose the number of credits from the second drop down menu:

4. Enter the email address of the user you would like to transfer a credit to in the empty box labeled “Email”:

5. Click on the “Transfer” button to complete the transfer:

6. The following message will pop up on the page if the credit was successfully transferred:

Note: The person who you sent the credit to will receive an email from us notifying them that they received a credit, but you may want to send them your own message, so that they know it came from you.

7. Click the “Finish” button to return to the credits page:

8. If the transfer was unsuccessful the following message will appear. Please follow the instructions:

How do I use credits towards a purchase?

1. Choose the course you would like to purchase and add it to your cart:

2. If you have credits available to use and they are valid for any courses in your cart, you will be prompted to use them once the item is added to your cart.

Note: You can opt not to use your credits if you would like to save them to use at a later time.

3. Choose the credit option you would like to apply to your purchase from the drop down menu:

Note: You should now see a difference in the price. Depending on the credit you are using, the price for the course will either become discounted or free.

4. Click on the “apply credit selections & continue” button to apply the credit to your purchase:

5. The following message will pop up on the page if the credit was successfully applied to the purchase:

6. Click on “Continue with checkout” to complete your transaction:

If you have other courses that still need to be purchased and have no credits left to use, you will be redirected to the checkout page. If you have no other courses to purchase, you will be redirected to the My Courses page.

7. The course that you just applied your credit to will now be in the “My Courses” section of your account:

8. Click “start course” to begin your new course:


What are the “types” of credits?

1. Credits are LIMITED to profession, credit hours of the course, and expiration date.

Example: If you have a credit that reads:

“Good for any Emergency Medical Services course of 1hr(s) or less (No Expiration)”

This means that you can only use the credit towards a course in the Emergency Medical Services profession section that is one hour or less. This credit will not expire.

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