Renal Nutrition for the Dietitian - RD123

Renal Nutrition for the Dietitian

by Rory Caswell Pace, MPH, RD, CSR
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This course is credentialed for:
Dietetics/Nutrition (12.00 CPEU)


Do you run screaming every time you see a renal diet order on your census? Are you looking to explore a challenging specialty area of nutrition practice? Welcome to the world of renal nutrition! This course will expose you to the origins, challenges, and nutritional management of kidney disease in adults and children. Whether new to renal nutrition or needing a refresher, this course will bring you up to speed on all aspects of nutrition care for renal patients. Written by a practicing renal dietitian, it includes case studies of actual patients to make the material relevant to clinical dietitians. Topics include pathophysiology, chronic kidney disease, nutrition assessment, determining nutrition needs, vitamin and mineral supplementation, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplantation, pregnancy, nutrition support, patient education, and more.


The goal of this course is to prepare the registered dietitian nutritionist to provide medical nutrition therapy to patients with chronic kidney disease.
After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Describe the structure and function of the kidney, and explain the progression of renal disease.
  • List and define the kinds of congenital and pediatric renal disease, and discuss the diagnosis and treatment of each.
  • Explain the process of hemodialysis, and discuss possible complications, and nutritional implications in detail.
  • List the types of peritoneal dialysis, and discuss the criteria, contraindications, and nutritional implications of each.
  • Explain how transplants work, including discussing donor screening, rejection, and nutrition therapy.
  • Explain and compare the various assessment techniques for the adult ESRD patient.
  • Discuss the use of  protein catabolic rate, explain its importance, and calculate it on a patient.
  • Explain the Kt/V index, and its use and significance.
  • Discuss in detail the nutritional needs of various renal patients, including those on dialysis.
  • Discuss vitamin and mineral nutriture for the individual with renal disease, which nutrients are often deficient and need supplementation and those that should not be supplemented.
  • Explain oxalosis, its causes, and effects.
  • Discuss nutrition therapy during various stages of renal disease.
  • Explain the special needs of pregnant women with renal disease and discuss how to assess, treat, and monitor them.
  • Explain some of the criteria for nutrition support, both enteral and parenteral, and explain its use in various types of renal disease.
  • Discuss techniques for motivating renal patients to follow dietary guidelines, and explain how adherence may be fostered and monitored.
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