Foodservice Productivity - RD83G

Foodservice Productivity

by Jane Heetderks-Cox, MS, RD, LD and Lynne Nannen Robertson, RD, PhD, MS, BS
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This course is credentialed for:
Dietetics/Nutrition (5.00 CPEU)


In this time of rising costs, administrators and foodservice directors are looking at every possible way to economize without adversely affecting foodservice quality and the health and welfare of those served. Industrial engineering techniques can improve productivity in every area and task of foodservice and can contribute to making better use of human and physical resources. Many managers and employees are not familiar with engineering techniques and how they can be used to analyze the workspace to increase efficiency and to solve problems. This course will provide dietitians and managers with information on efficient procedures and practices to assist them with improving productivity in all areas of food preparation and service. Topics that are covered include discussion of the principles of productivity, the use of industrial engineering techniques to improve every area and task of food service production, motion economy, and measuring and evaluating productivity.


The goal of this continuing education program is to provide dietitians and managers with information on efficient practices and procedures to assist them with improving productivity in all areas of food preparation and service. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Discuss how industrial engineering techniques improve every area and task of food service.
  • Define productivity and efficiency and list the principles of productivity in foodservice.
  • List the five steps used in problem solving.
  • Explain at least six ways that work areas can be set up for maximum efficiency.
  • Organize equipment to increase productivity in serving areas.
  • Explain the procedures for improving storage.
  • Identify the elements of an inefficient task that need to be improved.
  • Identify five inefficient procedures in a facility that can be improved.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and performance of a newly developed method.
  • Recognize various ways to evaluate success within your foodservice operation.
  • Organize an in-service training session to teach the principles of foodservice productivity.

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The course is intended for dietitians/nutritionists
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