The Florida Board of Medicine Requirements

CE: 40 Hours of continuing medical education courses approved by the Board in the 24 months preceding each biennial renewal period as established by the Department. (64B8-13 License Renewal and Reactivation; Continuing Education)

Specific course requirements:

  • First renewal, one (1) hour of Category 1 AMA CME in HIV/AIDS
  • Every third biennial renewal, two (2) hours of Category 1 or II AMA CME in domestic violence
  • Initial application and every biennial renewal, two (2) hours of Category 1 or II AMA CME in medical errors. The course must include information relating to the five most mis-diagnosed conditions during the previous biennium, as determined by the Board. While wrong site/wrong procedure surgery continues to be the most common basis for quality of care violations, the following areas have been determined as the five most mis-diagnosed conditions: cancer related issues; neurological related issues; cardiac related issues; timely responding to complications during surgery and post-operatively; urological related issues. (rule updated 5/14/2014)
Licenses must be renewed every two years.

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