Herbal Supplements - FIT87

Herbal Supplements

by Leslie K. Kay-Getzinger, RD, MS
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Fitness (0.70 CEU)


Research and evaluation of herbal medicines continues throughout the world. This significant revision features new information on the effectiveness and safety of herbal medications. The author summarizes what we know about the preparation, manufacturing, safety, standardization, analysis, drug and nutrient interactions, regulation and marketing of botanical drugs. Specific chapters list Latin names, common names, sources, traditional use, Commission E recommendations, Herbal PDR recommendations, proven effects, contraindications, and dosages. Additional topics include: phytotherapy; homeopathic medicine; Ayurvedic, Native American and Traditional Chinese Botanicals.


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine and herbal product use in healthcare today.
  2. Present the evidence-based clinical use of botanical supplements in the treatment and prevention of certain disease conditions.
  3. Understand consumer use and motivation for using nutritional supplements including herbs.
  4. Identify valid resources for checking efficacy and safety of botanical supplements.
  5. List commonly used botanical dietary supplements.
  6. Describe the pharmacology and therapeutic use for the most commonly used botanical supplements.
  7. Apply counseling practices specific to patients and clients who choose to use botanical supplements.
  8. Understand the definitions for health and structure/function claims used by the FDA.
  9. Understand the history of botanicals in pharmacy and medicine in the US.
  10. Understand the implications of DSHEA of 1994 and current legislation regarding supplements, label claims, and good manufacturing practices as mandated by the FDA.
  11. Explain safety issues of herbal dietary supplements pertaining to contamination, toxicity and herb/drug interactions.
  12. List unsafe botanical dietary supplements.
  13. Explain how to read and interpret a dietary supplement label that contains botanical material.
  14. Explain traditional, cultural uses of botanical medicine.
  15. List herbs typically found in products promoted in weight loss supplements.
  16. Identify herbs commonly found in products promoted as weight-loss formulas.
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