5 Keys to Award-Winning CE

ContinuingEducation.com is a nationally recognized, award-winning continuing education company, cited by a leading credentialing organization as “the best of the best.” But becoming the best just doesn’t happen. It took years to build our team, inventory and understanding of what it takes to make our continuing education better than all the rest.

1) Accurate Needs Assessments of Learners

We tap into a vast network of healthcare professionals to identify timely, relevant and compelling topics that contain information clinicians need to know before they know they need to know it. Through our online and print publications, we reach more healthcare professionals than any other organization on the planet. We rely on these folks to identify trends and potential content areas for CE. Between online social media and formal evaluations, we sift through about 25,000 anecdotal comments a month to cull ideas for projected healthcare topics.

2) Licensed Healthcare Experts and Professional Editors

We are one of the only organizations that has hired a team of highly credentialed, interprofessional healthcare professionals to manage content within their disciplines. They, in turn, use thousands of freelance professionals as authors and reviewers. A double-blind review of our courses keeps them bias-free and guarantees that the subject matter is relevant and up-to-date. Because of our reputation and size, we can be fussy — and we are. For example, our seminar and webinar speakers are expected to achieve general ratings of more than 4.7 on a 5-point Likert scale.

3) Solid Editorial and Production Process

We have a structure and process in place that not only preserves the integrity of the content but also ensures that the thousands of courses are uniform in their quality. A sophisticated loop of editors, designers and proofers brings years of experience to generating our extensive inventory, which undergoes frequent updating and fact checking.

4) Evidence-Based Practices

We identify and incorporate evidence-based practices in our content whenever possible. Because practitioners contribute to our writing and editing, we are able to bring current practicality and relevance to our continuing education modules and seminars.

5) Flawless CE Credentialing of Content

We make sure that the CE credentialing associated with our educational offerings is impeccable. The last thing learners want to find out is that their state boards or professional organizations will not accept the activities they’ve completed because of improper accreditation or approvals. We have a dedicated department that manages credentialing. And we don’t stop there: We get involved. Some of our employees serve as volunteers with the agencies that credential CE, so we know every nuance involved in the process of credentialing. ContinuingEducation.com is a ready beta site and donates time and resources to help with the creation of policy and interprofessional CE.

Robert G. Hess, Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN

Executive Vice President, Education Content/Credentialing, ContinuingEducation.com